How To Build Your Endurance In The Gym

How To Build Your Endurance In The Gym

Whether you are training for a marathon or you simply do not want to be out of breath when you reach the top of the stairs, building up your endurance is essential for maintaining your overall fitness. Endurance is linked to your ability to sustain intensive exercises whether they are cardiorespiratory or muscular-focused.

If you are looking to build up your overall endurance for the gym, there are many ways you might begin to achieve this. Even small changes such as drinking a coffee an hour before your workout, to always taking the stairs instead of the lift are clever ways you can train your body to handle the resistance. Your endurance can also be faulted by small things such as what you have eaten in the day, or perhaps if you are wearing uncomfortable women’s gymwear. Building up your stamina will not only lead to better and more effective workouts, but you will also find that your metabolism will improve. Here are some exercises you can start implementing into your gym workouts now and not waste any more time:

HIIT Workouts

If you are yet to try the world of HIIT training, then you have been missing out. HIIT training stands for high-intensity interval training, which essentially focuses on putting as much tension and energy into the chosen exercise for short bursts of time, rather than prolonging the time your muscles are under tension. The basic idea of HIIT training is you will use as many of your muscles, pushing as hard as possible for a small amount of time. It has been proven that even the healthiest of people can only push to their absolute mac for up to 45 seconds, so if you are a beginner to HIIT try 30-second rounds. It may not sound like much, but within these 30 seconds you will push yourself without breaks between each exercise, so overall you might be continually working for 2 minutes straight if you choose 4 exercise variations. You will repeat these 4 exercises for a minimum of 4 rounds, and over time as you build up your endurance you will push even harder than you thought possible.

Running Intervals

Running intervals are essentially another form of HIIT, but specifically, this workout focuses on short bursts of sprints. Decide your chosen running environment either on a treadmill or out on the pavements, and set a timer that records your working time and rests time. During the working time, roughly between 30 to 45 seconds, you should be running your absolute fastest. This might not seem as effective as you would like at first, but the more you train your body to do this kind of exercise the better your endurance will be. Overloading your workouts over time, making them harder as you progress is the easiest way to improve your fitness.


One of the more surprising ways to improve your stamina is to implement yoga into your weekly gym routine. A key part of insurance is your mental strength and the ability to convince your body that you have an extra push of energy to finish the workout. Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility, whilst implementing mental exercises that will improve your endurance. Yoga can be very simple and even be performed at home before or after you attend the gym. Put on a pair of your favourite seamless leggings, and find a follow-along video online.

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