Determining the Value of Signed Football Sports Memorabilia

Determining the Value of Signed Football Sports Memorabilia

Individuals often want to know the value of Signed Football Sports Memorabilia. They may need this information as they wish to buy something new and want to ensure they are getting a good deal. Others are preparing to sell all or part of their collection and want to price it accordingly and some simply want this information for insurance purposes. They need to determine the value of each autographed item they own to obtain compensation in the event something happens and the item is damaged or destroyed. What factors help to determine the value of the item?


First and foremost, each piece must be authenticated by a third party. This authentication must come from a trusted source also. Having a friend or family authenticate the item won’t be of any benefit. Many collectors opt to skip this step as they don’t want to pay the fee associated with third-party authentication. They don’t realize what a mistake this is until one or more pieces need to be replaced and the insurance company won’t provide the full value or even close to it.

The Rarity of the Signature

In addition, the rarity of the signature plays a role in the value of the signed memorabilia. The value of the signature decreases with each item the player autographs. A great player may sign numerous items while a lesser known player may only sign a few. Collectors are often surprised to learn the value of the two signatures is similar simply because the lesser known player’s signature is difficult to come by. This isn’t the case with the player who never said no to a fan or follower.

The player’s popularity will have an effect on the value of the item, and the same is true with regard to the item that was signed. A game day jersey that has been authenticated by a third party will bring in a great deal more than a picture that hasn’t been authenticated. Keep this in mind and learn more about the authentication process before having this task carried out. This helps to ensure you are getting an honest appraisal of the item through a reputable source. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money.

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