Accessories – Getting Started & Next Steps

Accessories – Getting Started & Next Steps

Different Types of Barbells

You can achieve strength from weightlifting training using a barbell. If you do barbell exercises, you will be able to work on every major muscle groups in your body. A simple barbell is all you need for your barbell exercises plus a set of weights and a workout bench. Barbell exercises only need a small space so you can do it almost anywhere like your home the gym of any place where there is space.

If you are considering buying a barbell you should be aware that there are many different types available in the market. The type of barbell that you need should correspond to the type of exercises and lifting you will be doing.

Everyone perhaps knows what a standard barbell looks like. It is basically, a straight steel pole. This seven feel barbell weight 45 pounds or less. Most sections of the barbell are smooth except for the center and both ends which are grooved. To lift the weight you grip the center grooves. The weight do not slide to the center due to the small notch on both sides. These are not bendable barbells. Workouts like bench press, deadlift, overhead press and squat uses the standard barbell. Weightlifter who have already attained a higher skill level and strength use barbells that are more specialized.

There are also Olympic barbells that are designed for the snatch, and the clean and jerk. These are the main Olympic lifts. Although they are only smaller by 1mm in diameter from the standard barbell, there is a big difference that it gives to your grip strength. They look quite similar to the standard bar but have some slight variations. Olympic weight lifters use this type of barbell. With an Olympic barbell their performance is enhance and the risk of injury is injured.

Hex or Trap Barbells are commonly used for deadlifting and an alternative to the straight bar deadlift. The barbell as a load that is placed in line with the use but not off center. This puts less stress on the lower back curve. If you have a back issues, then this type of barbell is for you.

The trapezoid looking trap barbell has four sides. In the use of a trap barbell, yo need to stand inside of it while you lift your arms at your sides. In trap barbell exercise, the legs are used more. When you use the trap bar, your center of gravity shifts and so it is less stressful on your joints.

Beginners or casual lifters should use the safety square barbells. Lifting become more comfortable because the bar has shoulder pads attached to it that rests on your shoulders.

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