A Tale of My Very Bad Morning, and My New Glass Door Refrigerator

A Tale of My Very Bad Morning, and My New Glass Door Refrigerator

A few weeks ago I woke up and wandered into the kitchen to get out my orange juice for breakfast. To my horror, when I opened the refrigerator door I found that everything inside was warm! After checking the temperature settings, checking that the power cord was secure, et cetera, I unfortunately determined that my refrigerator was completely dead.

The spoiled food was upsetting, but I was thankful to have the opportunity to get a new fridge. Just the day before I’d been browsing Facebook and I saw a link to an article about the 10 best glass door fridges. I’d never seen a fridge with a glass door before and I decided I really loved the look. Of course I never would have spent the money on a new fridge while I had a perfectly good one, but now I had an opportunity.

I got back online and pulled up the list and started browsing. I decided that I wanted one with a silver steel door, so that immediately eliminated some of the options. I spent a few hours comparing the rest. Who knew there are so many options when picking a refrigerator? What size? Where’s the ice maker? How much energy will this draw?

Eventually I narrowed in on an interesting model and looked up a local store where I could buy it. Now came the tiring part, going to the store and dealing with a salesperson. At least this was an easier than usual purchase because I’d already done all my research using that list of the 10 best glass door fridges. In about an hour I managed to pick out a fridge and arrange a delivery date to my house.

Just last week may brand new fridge was delivered. I excitedly put all of my food inside. I love the glass door, I can see all of my food, so I can always tell when I’m about to run out of something. I wish that I had shopped for a new refrigerator earlier!

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