A New Bathroom for Rose

A New Bathroom for Rose

I love my wife Rose to the fullest. She has always been there for me when I needed her. After we got married, she moved into my home. It was more of a bachelor pad. Rose never really had a problem with my home, but she always felt that she was out of place in my home. I decided to rectify that situation. Rose left on a business trip to South Korea. While she was gone, I decided to prepare a surprise for Rose. I need professional with experience with bathroom renovations in Sydney. I wanted Rose to feel right at home.

I first met Rose ten years ago in Australia. I was studying abroad in college. I met her at a restaurant. It was love at first sight. She stole my heart immediately. We began to talk and I realized that we had a lot in common. Rose and I eventually started dating. After graduation, we continued our long distance relationship. We finally got married five years ago. She was made just for me and I would not trade her for the world.

My original plan was to redecorate a bathroom in my house just for Rose. I thought that it would be a breeze, but I was wrong. I was overwhelmed by how much work and money I would have to spend to get the project done. I decided to hire professionals that knew what they were doing. I found a company for a very reasonable price. They gave me a fair estimate of the cost of the whole project. The crew started immediately to work on the bathroom. They were very professional and hard-working. They were done in one week.

When Rose returned home, she was so shocked at my surprise. She could not believe she had her own bathroom.

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