A Leaky Mess to Fix

A Leaky Mess to Fix

Owning a home is one big step into adulthood. Six months ago, I inherited an old house from my Uncle Cecil. He left it for me in his will. My wife and I moved into the home immediately. In hindsight, I think that we moved in the house too hastily. We knew the house was somewhat old, but we did not realize how old it really was. The house was not a total loss, but it was in need of maintenance. Recently, there was a plumbing issue. We needed plumbers in Townsville.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my basement was flooded. The water was not that deep, but it was still a big mess. Some of my personal belongings got wet. I also noticed some tiny spores of mold growing on the wall. I tried my best to stop the leak, but it was only temporary. Just when I thought things could not get worse, they did.

While I was in the living room, I noticed a large dark spot on the ceiling. I touched it to see what it was. Two drops of water came out of the spot. There was another leak coming from somewhere upstairs in the house. The two leaks were driving me crazy.

I originally thought of trying to fix my house without hiring a plumber. I did not want to spend the money because I felt that I could do it myself. My wife reminded me of all the times I tried to fix thing and actually made things worse. I decided to listen to her reservations and decided to call a plumber.

The plumber showed up very quickly to help us. She was very knowledgeable about plumbing. She easily fixed the leaky pipes in upstairs and the attic. She charged us a fair price for our services. I was very pleased.

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