A Brief History of Production

A Brief History of Production

What You Need To Know About The Process Of Video Production

The creation of the video content is usually completed through a process known as video production. The process of making the film may be in one way or the other, be related to the process of video production. The differences may however exist. One of the differences between the two processes is that the video production process involves recording the images digitally as contrasted to the film stock. Usually, the process of video production entails three stages. These are the pre-production, production and the post production.

All the planning activities are included in the pre-production stage. All the activities that are covered during planning are those which are undertaken before the filming could begin. The writing of the scripts, planning for the necessary schedules and making of the necessary schedules are good example of some of these activities. The same also includes any other duty that may be administrative. The next stage in the video production process is production. This is the stage whereby the actual content of the video is created. The content may encompass the images or moving images. The name given for the purpose of describing this process is videography. The third stage is the post production stage. The combination of various video clips that have been created is what entails this stage. The process of combining is usually selective so as to create the best content. The ultimate product in the video production process is created in this stage. The story or the intended message is then is communicated with the final product of the video production process. The intended message may be communicated in a live setting or communicated in a later event.

A number of electronic media may be utilized for the purpose video production. The SD cards, solid state storages and the flash storages are good example of such media. The main electronic media that is used during the process of video production is camera. A number of format will then be used for the purpose of distributing the video content after the video production process. Such formats may include the Moving Pictures Experts Group-MPEG, the Audio Video Interleave-AVI, and many others.

The process of video production may produce a various types of videos. TV production, marketing videos, corporate videos and the event videos are good examples of the videos that may be produced through the video production process. There exist a number of reasons behind the production of a video. A good example in this case is the use of the event videos so as to create and capture memories. A wedding occasion or a sporting activity may be a good example of an event.

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