5 Avenues Where Athletes Can Get Sponsors and Endorsements

5 Avenues Where Athletes Can Get Sponsors and Endorsements

Most of the time, no matter how good we are, we need that little push from someone to attain a particular height. Getting endorsement does not have to be so difficult especially as a sportsman.

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We understand how very discouraging it is to have a dream and not see someone or a company, to support that dream, and that is why we’ve put together 5 avenues where you as an athlete can get sponsors and endorsements:

1.     MarketPlace:

This is a platform that serves as a marketplace for athletes  to find what fits them. That is to say, a marketplace where athletes can see their passion-friendly sponsors. As the saying goes that nothing good comes free, there is a subscription fee that must be paid before you sign up here. It is lovely here because you know what exactly your to-be sponsor is looking for before you close a deal.

2.     Sponsorpitch:

This is another platform like the MarketPlace that connects athletes with potential sponsors like Orange, Giorgio Armani and the likes of it. It is different from MarketPlace because here, you can also connect with other members or users of the website, interact with them, thereby getting more ideas and finding better directions.

3.     Pepsico:

Many people confuse Pepsico for the well known Pepsi, but Pepsico had long left the Pepsi company to stand on its own, even though it still deals on similar products as Pepsi. This company sponsors different people. It is such that  they either choose the people they sponsor by themselves or they get contacted . You could try your luck by contacting them first.

4.     Adidas:

Adidas is one known company that sponsors athletes. They recommend that proposals be sent to them by direct contact to their Sports Marketing Department.The marketing department will contact you if they’re interested in your proposal. The level of competition is always very high. This is because you would not be the only one applying because Adidas is a very big company.Always remember that your proposal must be creative and original.

5.     OpenSponsorship:

This is quite different from all the other platforms mentioned above even though signing up is necessary. Here, you are allowed to set goals and like Instagram, you can build followers, make content and educate the mass on your brand(yourself). You are allowed to post too. OpenSponsorship ensures that its users get nothing but the best. You love that. Don’t you?

Final Notes

There is hardly anything that comes easy. We always just have to put in some work, and be committed. The five notes above, are avenues where you as an athlete can receive sponsorship and endorsement which would help you reach your peak. Nevertheless, you should be reminded that building yourself and your brand is the first step to getting sponsorship. We hope this article meets you well and we wish you success.

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