Why Fan Websites Are Interesting

Among the countless websites on the internet, casual websites that are not affiliated with any company or product are the most interesting. Known as fan sites, people can browse articles on many topics. Some are written by professionals, while others are submitted by people who simply enjoy the website and have something to express. An example is Thundertreats.com where information on such topics as sports, entertainment, humor, and music, along with a few others, can be found.


The sports category on this website has articles that range from setting up a practice area to improve golf swings in the yard to the best footwear for soccer players to non-professional bats. One article on BBCOR baseball bats includes a video that explains what they are and why they are used. The acronym BBCOR stands for batted ball coefficient of restitution. Basically, this measurement regulates how much energy is lost when the bat makes contact with the baseball.

Why Use Them?

These bats have been adopted as the standard for little league, high school, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) players since 2012, replacing wooden bats. One reason is safety. The speed of both the baseball and the bat is five percent slower than the speeds achieved with a wooden bat. That small percentage makes the difference between a minor injury and a serious one when the ball hits players and people in the stands or when a discarded bat hits an official.

Another reason is to force players to build their skills for more exciting games. The slower speed reduces the range of the baseball. This means fewer grand slam home runs in each game. The ball is more likely to fall within the boundaries of the playing field. The score is now more dependent on running, throwing, and catching the ball.


Professional baseball leagues have yet to switch to using the BBCOR regulation. It will interest some enthusiasts to see if that will change in the future. There are several official baseball websites that will provide the information if the regulation is adopted. In the meantime, articles, opinions, and speculations will be found on fan websites.