Heavy Equipment OperatorOperating heavy equipment is not as easy as driving the standard city car. People who want to be a heavy equipment operator must attend and pass a private vocational school which has construction equipment operation programs. If you don’t have heavy equipment qualification, most of the companies will ignore you.

Private Heavy Equipment Operator Schools

It’s extremely important to choose a decent and top quality school in this case. The school must provide the opportunity for students to operate and learn the actual heavy equipment machines. Therefore, the student can experience a real situation in their future workplace. Although the classroom teaching and learning is worth it to learn for the trainee, the job requires you to experience the actual machines. Some schools offer advanced simulators for their real-world practice while some others provide the real heavy equipment. In addition, there are schools that provide both simulators and real machines at the same time. So, it’s up to you which school you will choose.

The trainee needs to have, at least, a high school diploma to enroll. Another exposure class such as English, math, machine, and basic engineering are helpful in this case. Auto mechanic knowledge is useful because you will deal with the heavy machinery maintenance in the future. Being able to fix broken caterpillar parts is very important. It gives additional value to yourself because the company wants to hire an operator that is also capable to do a little maintenance. For instance, you can handle it directly when your heavy machines need a simple touch of repair. It will save a lot of time than waiting for the repair crew to come. Basic equipment repair can be done straight away but the experts are still needed for serious maintenance or fatal issues to the machine.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Training

Heavy Equipment SchoolAnother way to receive qualification on heavy equipment is learning directly from the master. It’s true that private vocational schools offer a lot of more. However, for some people, it’s a lot of easier for the trainee having a veteran machine operator teaching them directly. A veteran heavy equipment operator is familiar with the ins and outs of the machine. Sometimes, this method is far better and quicker for the new trainee. However, this method may lack the safety regulations that have been taught in private schools.

Understanding The Hazards 

The safety regulations are important when dealing with heavy equipment. It’s crucial for the operator to know the dangers that are involved in their job. The following are the most common issues that could arise.

  • The operator is at risk of falls when they have to deal with ladders or cab steps.
  • There is a potential that the heavy machinery could cut through or damage power lines in the ground or above on the power poles.
  • Cave or ground collapse is the real nightmare while working on underground projects.
  • Bodily Injury. The dirty and dusty conditions may lead to an unstable footstep that can lead to a personal injury.
  • Damage to Hearing. The sound of the heavy machines is very loud. Therefore, hearing protection is a must have safety precaution to have for the operator.