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Health Advantages Of Linoleic Acid Supplement

Linoleic acid is a form of carboxylic acid. Not just for humans but mammals as well need linoleic acid as a part of their dietary requirement, that is because of its capability to biosynthesize prostaglandins. A chemical hormone called prostaglandins is produced by Omega 3 or Omega 6 oils and what’s good about it is that it helps regulate the cells and organs for it to function properly. The term linoleic was actually derived from a famous greek word “linon” and “oleic”.

People who lack or are deficient of Omega 6 fatty acid may be experiencing these unfortunate symptoms:

They will experience massive hair loss and their hair will feel unhealthy and dry. Second most common symptom is the slow healing of cuts and wounds.

However, there is still hope for you to get enough linoleic acid in your diet; you can take 1 tablespoon of polyunsaturated oil from sunflowers and safflowers to help you get enough nutrients on your body.

The dilemma here is that our own body is actually not capable of synthesizing linoleic acid, thus- the need for taking supplements that contain it most especially if the body does not have enough linoleic acid. This is why people who are experiencing lack of linoleic acid needs to find a product that can suffice this dietary need. There are tons of health benefits that you can certainly gain from this product; it enhances the body’s immune system, less risk of physical injuries and can also contribute well if the person is trying to lose weight or add more muscle mass It has become more convenient for athletes and bodybuilders to use this product as it helps the body when you want to lose weight or gain more muscle; its a great boost for working out.

The amounts that are in these supplements are actually not the same, so these kinds of supplements vary. You need to take into consideration some intricate details about the product, to make sure you get your 3.4 grams that your body needs because some of these products use other oils as ingredients. For research, the most commonly used Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a formulation called Tonalin.

You can take these CLA supplements during the meal or before. There are side effects but can be very rare like dizziness or stomachache. A way to lessen the occurrence of those side effects is to take some protein like low-fat milk. The side effects of these supplements are only for more or less two weeks and it subsides throughout continuous take. Up until this very moment, this supplement are still recommended to be taken; no serious health conditions were caused by these CLA products.

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